Post-Divorce Modifications

When You Need a Post-Divorce Modification

Don't think of divorce as an end, but a beginning of a new chapter in your life. While the marital relationship may have ended, you often must maintain a continuing relationship with your ex-spouse. That is especially true when children are involved. Attorneys Jeffrey L. Levy and Mary B. Langford in Nashville, Tennessee, represent clients in post-divorce modifications and appeals.

If circumstances in your life have changed, you may not have to continue abiding by your original divorce decree. For help with a post-divorce modification, contact us at (615) 866-0235.

When Things Change Following Your Divorce

A peaceful, uncontested divorce does not mean that the post-marital relationship will go as smoothly. One party or both parties often decide to remarry. Incomes go up or down with new jobs. The dynamics of the relationship change. What was once cooperative can become extremely contentious. We recognize that life can change in an instant, but no post-divorce modification should be started with vindictive intentions.

You Need a Seasoned Attorney for a Post-Divorce Modification

Attorneys Jeffrey L. Levy and Mary B. Langford can identify your new circumstances and move forward with a post-divorce modification. Child support and alimony may change if there is a job loss or a significant pay raise. Parents wanting to move their child out of the state must focus on the best interests of their children by dramatically changing child custody.

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