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How To Choose The Best New York City Bankruptcy Lawyer

How To Choose The Best New York City Bankruptcy Lawyer

A bankruptcy lawyer can truly assist you to manage the business or personal debts you are not able to pay. Further, bankruptcy law gives businesses and people a chance to (i) repay the amount owed to creditors as fairly as it could be; and (ii) get a “fresh start” by discharging most of the debts.

Filing for bankruptcy protection means that all legal actions on your shoulders are put on hold. So, creditors cannot continue or begin a foreclosure action against your business/home. More so, they can neither sue you nor repossess your entertainments system or car.

There are numerous kinds of bankruptcy filings. Each has its benefits and drawbacks. That is why you should select the best New York bankruptcy lawyer to ensure the benefits of filing outweigh the impacts.

As you do, keep in mind that bankruptcy can really affect your credit rating and future purchasing power.

How To Find And Select The Best New York City Bankruptcy Lawyer

1. Check For Signals Of Professionalism

For one, you should check whether the attorney is a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney (NACBA). A true example here is Michelle Labayen. Apart from being a member of NACBA, she has over 15 years of experience in Consumer Law & Bankruptcy.

Membership of such an organizations shows that the lawyer aims at practicing bankruptcy, offers competent representation and is updated on the latest developments.

You can visit Michelle’s website on to learn more about her certifications.

2. Get Ready To Meet With Several Lawyers

Once you’ve selected several law firms or lawyers and want to explore them further, you can visit their websites. From the websites, you should find openly written educational details as well as downloadable financial forms. Filling out these forms will determine whether or not you qualify for bankruptcy.

If you qualify, you can schedule a few appointments. As for Michele’s office, we offer a free consultation to weigh if you are comfortable with it.

3. Look For Qualities Such As:

i) Passion

First thing when you meet with a bankruptcy lawyer, you will know whether they are passionate about the process. You can find out why the attorney decided to specialize in bankruptcy law. Pay attention to how they respond. A lawyer such as Michelle Labayen finds the practice rewarding and festinating as well.

ii) The Desire To Hear And Understand You

Being declared bankruptcy is a very painful decision. There are lots of mixed emotions involved. As such, you want a lawyer that shows a desire to understand your situation and goals. The lawyer should show a willingness and empathy to spend time asking probing questions.

iii) Discusses Alternative Resolutions

Chapter 7 – as an entire cancellation of eligible debts – might not be the only or best way to solve your financial situation. Our team at the Law Office of Michelle Labayen comprises of ethical lawyers. So, we always ensure we present our clients with all other options available.

4. The Fee For The Service

Another point to consider is the fee. The cost differs by location and complexity of your case. Averagely the costs should be between 800 to 2,500 dollars for the entire process.

The market determines the fees. At times, the court sets up the caps. This means you can get a highly qualified and experienced lawyer for a similar price as that of a novice. However, ensure you ask what the fee covers. While we include the court and other costs in our quoted fee, other lawyers do not.

After finding a lawyer who exhibits the ideal combination of character, experience, and cost, then you are set. Now you can proceed with the filing knowing that you are working with a trustworthy lawyer.


Just imagine visiting a doctor when you have a skin problem. Would you prefer seeing a general practitioner; or a dermatologist? You would go for a dermatologist, isn’t that right? Well, the same reasoning applies when choosing a lawyer. If the debt is a challenge to you, then a bankruptcy lawyer would present the best solutions for what you are searching for.

At the Law Office of Michelle Labayen, we exclusively practice about bankruptcy to assist you to solve your debt issues. The time to take baby steps is now: kindly call us via


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(212) 381-6083

Our address is 600 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10016
Or visit our website at

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Collaborative Law Divorce

Collaborative law is a relatively new process that is now utilized in select divorce cases. The collaborative law process encourages spouses to find cooperative resolutions to disputed matters before the intervention of courts. This new process has advantages and disadvantages that should be fully explored by individuals seeking a divorce.

On the plus side:

  • A collaborative law divorce may be right for you and your spouse if you are seeking an amicable divorce and feel you are able to resolve any disputed matters cooperatively with the assistance of legal counsel.
  • A collaborative law divorce may enable you to minimize the emotional and financial costs of your divorce and help you avoid protracted litigation.

Of course, a collaborative law divorce is not the right solution for all couples:

  • If you and your spouse have a history of domestic violence, often find it difficult to communicate and resolve disputes, or otherwise lack the trust or cooperative spirit to resolve disputes without the intervention of a court, a collaborative law divorce may not be right for you.
  • Both parties must have the available resources to retain legal counsel and see the case to its conclusion through the collaborative process. If either party abuses the process, significant challenges may arise.
  • If the parties are not able to resolve their disputes through the collaborative process, they may have to essentially start from scratch, either with new counsel or on their own if they no longer have the resources to obtain new counsel.

Contact a Nashville Divorce Lawyer

To learn more about the potential advantages and disadvantages of a collaborative law divorce, contact Nashville divorce attorneys Jeffrey L. Levy and Mary Langford at 615-866-0235 or contact us by e-mail. We are pleased to serve clients throughout Middle Tennessee.

High Net Worth Divorce

Unique Financial Background in Complex Property Division

Divorces that involve valuable marital assets can become complicated with arguments over who gets what. Attorneys Jeffrey L. Levy and Mary B. Langford in Nashville, Tennessee, attempt to find resolution while aggressively fighting for the rights of their clients.

When a marriage ends in divorce, the court takes the initial step of determining separate assets. Do not think that your marital estate is too complicated to divide equitably during a divorce proceeding. We have the background to help you.Contact us at (615) 866-0235.

Representation From a Divorce Attorney With a Financial Background

Family law attorney Jeffrey L. Levy established our law firm after a career in the banking industry. Attorney Levy’s experience and unique insight have been invaluable to our clients needing help with complex property division.

No case is too complicated, and we will fight to get you what you deserve.

Dividing Complex and Unique Assets

Attorneys Jeffrey L. Levy and Mary B. Langford, look at all the assets of a couple undergoing a divorce, including stock options and pensions. With our base of operations in the capital of country music, we have also represented songwriters and recording artists in deciding who contributed to a valuable songwriting catalog.

Regardless of the industry you work in, your hard work and contributions toward the marriage entitle you to an equitable share of the assets.

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